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Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail, the fourth of my Wulfie series comes out, with Little Island Books, on March 3, 2021; only 17 months afterthe first in the series appeared on bookshelves! It was great fun to write and hopefully will be for readers too.

In Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail, Libby’s not having a good day. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her step-mother Veronika is determined to sell the family home, Wulfie – who shrinks when wet – gets power-hosed into the drains.  The sounds of her wulfen friend climbing back up the pipes make Veronika think the house is haunted – and, given that her favourite show to watch is Most Horribly Haunted TV Show, she volunteers the house for their series. Suddenly there’s a TV crew creeping around the house with various devices…

If Libby can’t stop them discovering that the ‘ghost’ is actually a purple, talking, shape-shifting wulfen, she could lose more than her home. As with book 3, it is Illustrated by the wonderful Rosa Devine.

The Wulfie series – what it’s about:

The Wulfie series  is for readers aged 6-9+ years; having  written children’s TV (animation and live action), this is my first journey into children’s books  and the stories were originally created for my own daughter Libby!)

The series features Libby, 10, a brave and feisty heroine and Wulfie, a purple wulfen who tumbles through a portal into her bedroom at a time when Libby really needs a best friend.  He can grow as big as a house or small as a mouse. He also talks and since he’s mischievous and insatiably curious, Libby is soon tumbling into and through all sorts of unexcpected adventures.

The stories are full of fun and rising jeopardy and some daftness as well as real heart; and  importantly for me since I created Wulfie for my own daughter, Libby is a character who will always solve the problem in the end, no matter how tricky the situation gets, with a mix of ingenuity, imagination and courage… 

You can also find info on Wulfie’s facebook page and feel free to email me with any questions. I’m available to do interactive writing workshops around Wulfie in schools, for bookshops and festivals; my next being an online one with the Chicken and Frog Bookshop on March 26th.

all 3 wulfies in office cropped

The other books in the series:

Wulfie: Stage Fright, book 1

“This delightful book, aimed at children of 6+ years, is both a hoot and a fable about overcoming our fears. Superb illustrations from Josephine Wolff (no relation) throughout the text are charming. The whole package is charming.” – Full review by Annie-Book.com here

“It’s a charming story about families, friendship and being brave even when you’re afraid….With just the right amount of mischief and lots of laughs Wulfie: Stage Fright is sure to delight young readers and have them cheering for an encore!” Full review by Mary, The Book Activist here. Mary invited me onto her blog to do a guest post about Why Everyone Needs a Wulfie… and you can find that article here. JosephineWolff_Wulfie_12

“Pretty scary in its opening stages, this very clever and entertaining story takes readers brave enough to face up to their fears to a place where they can take the lead in their own drama… Adroitly amplified by Wolff’s witty and evocative illustrations, Sedgwick’s thoroughly enjoyable book celebrates finding the roar within you…” – You can download the Books Make Things Better guide to Irish books for wellbing and mental health from Children’s Books Ireland here.

I also did an article for them on why #BooksMakeThingsBetter and you can find it here.

JosephineWolff_Wulfie_08“Fantastically funny, heartfelt and warm, a delight to read that will leave you wanting more.” – Full review by Fallen Stars Blog/ mary Esther Judy here.

“I love Libby and Wulfie – and they have such wonderfully villainous villains to outsmart. Very much looking forward to the next instalment.” – Andrew Sharp, Twitter

“When I asked why there were torches in [my son’s] bed this morning, it was because he couldn’t wait till tonight to read the next chapter… Trying to get him hooked on books. He’s not as keen as … his sister, but this one might be the one that does the trick.”  – Rich Simpson, Twitter.JosephineWolff_Wulfie_13

Wulfie: Beast In Show, book 2

“I brought this for my ten year old daughter & love the fact she read it within 2 days as could not put it down.

This is her review:

_Wulfie, BEAST IN SHOW, JKT Front

I loved this book even more than the first one, I couldn’t put it down
I loved the twist of fate.
As always Rex was up to his usual tricks & Wulfie was still mischievous & cuddly.
I would recommend this book to everyone and most definitely schools.

Amazon review. Jennifer H.  5 stars.

“If you thought step-mother Veronika was bad, wait until you meet her elder sister Ilda! Dog-breeder Aunt Ilda is determined to win the SNOB (Stunning Newcomer from an Outstanding Breeder) award, and will go to any lengths to do so. It’s time for her annual visit to Veronika, two days before the TV show where the SNOB is awarded so Libby warns Wulfie to keep out of sight. Being Wulfie, all his good intentions come to naught, and it’s only a matter of time before Aunt Ilda spots him and decides he is her ticket to success.

WBISaw06“It’s another charming adventure told with warmth, imagination, and humour. Libby is a lovely character. She’s sweet and kind and clever and hard-working. Despite the bad treatment she receives at the hands of her family, she is never vengeful or bitter, which I really like. The friendship between Wulfie and Libby is truly endearing. Wulfie is totally loveable and is such a fantastic creation. In Beast in Show we learn that he can also freeze time when he sneezes, another wulfen trait! I loved Stage Fright but Beast in Show raises the stakes and the fun!
Perfect for reading aloud with younger children, fantastic for children of all ages. Can’t wait for book 3!”

– Goodreads. Vilanora Troy, 17.6.21 WBISaw02

“… A welcome return from our quirky canine friend brings more thrilling, chilling adventure. Libby is a wonderful character. Kind and clever, she really puts herself to the test in this story, risking much to save not only her friend, but to free a lot of dogs, expose Aunt Ilda and her true nature to the world and maybe, just maybe push Veronika and Rex to be a little nicer….maybe. We’ll have to see. Family issues rise to the fore with great heart and hilarious humour. The fast-paced tale will keep your head spinning and your heart pumping, with the wonderful black and white illustrations scattered throughout setting a perfect tone for the mayhem. You never know what will happen next, but you’ll be longing for a friend like Wulfie. Incredibly entertaining, funny, warm and fabulous.” http://littleisland.ie/books/wulfie-beast-show/

– Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Stars Stories. Full review here.

Other reviews of Wulfie: Beast in Show include: Scope for Imagination blog, the world is their classroom blog.

 Wulfie Saves The Planet, book 3

With only 3 days left to create the best ever eco-project for school, the last thing Libby needs is Wulfie showing off his incredible super-powers; like changing size or stopping time with his sneezes. And with her nasty step-brother Rex plotting to get rid of Wulfie and bullying Libby into coming up with the winning eco-project for him, the pressure is piling up! But Wulfie has come up with a planet-saving plan of his own. With his amazing Wulfen powers, he can’t fail…and he might just save himself, the planet and Libbys’ project, too.  – Mary Esther Judy/ Fallen Star Stories. 

Some reviews:

Wulfie Saves the Planet is so much fun! I love the first two books in the series and I’m sure this fuzzy, purple creature has only grown more mischievous in the third!

“… With so many laugh-out-loud moments, this is sure to be a story children will devour. Wulfie is a superhero with a difference who will stop at nothing to save the day!” – Kate Heap/ Scope for Imagination blog

“It was the heart and emotional depth of this novel that elevated it beyond a fun, magical read.” – Iseult Murphy blog

“Don’t let the apparent normality of a school project on the environment fool you – this story is as fun and crazy as the previous two! There are some lovely imaginative fun details in this book that I won’t mention for fear of spoilers, but I loved them!” – Valinora Troy.

I am a huge fan of the Wulfie books and this one is a cracker! … . Fast-paced and zany action, intriguing imaginative details and a heaping helping of drama make this a fabulous, funny read with real heart. The black & white illustrations add much to this story. Madcap, wild and wonderful, well-written and just plain fun; this is one you’re going to love. In fact, I suggest you read them all! – Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Stars Stories.


The Author Who Came to Tea podcast, Jacqson Diego Book Emporium: When Lindsay J Sedgwick Came to Tea…

The Big Kids Book club with Marc Henson

NearFm Arts Show:  Did an interview with Karen Meenan about Wulfie, my other books, adapting your own book for TV amd lots of stuff in between at the end of September and the link is here.

Bookline, LiffeySoundFM: Also talked with the wonderful Teresa Quinn on Sept 6th 2020 and you can find that show here. This books show is also broadcast on the following local radio stations: Athlone, Castlebar, Community Radio Youghal, Connemara, Corca Baiscin Kilkee, Kilkenny City, Kinvara, Near FM Coolock and Phoenix FM Blanchardstown.

I was also delighted to take part in WONDERFEST 2020 (20-22 November), Ireland’s first online digital festival for kids books, put together by writers. I was on a panel with the wonderful PJ Lynch, Kieran Fanning and Mariane McShane.

possible twitter profile picAnd for the DUBLIN BOOK FESTIVAL (27 Nov – 6 Dec 2020), I was thrilled to do my first primary school classroom event , Everyone Needs A Wulfie, on Dec 2nd. Here are the kids of 3rd and 4th class at Boolavogue NS in Wexford… all in their Wulfie and Libby masks!

Meanwhile, here are some photos of Wulfie arriving all over the world…

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