The Angelica Touch

Off the wall and gorgeous! I love every word!” – Maria McDermottroe, actress

“…Another gift of joy from Sedgwick, the Angelica Touch is filled with heart and warmth. With a setting and characters that fire the imagination, the reader gets sucked in to Angelica’s world immediately and pulled along on an incredible ride of the emotions. While Angelica is trying to grow into her own true self (and doing a marvellous job), the give and take in the relationship with her mother is at once unique and typical, deeply touching and completely grates. Both are guilty of getting it utterly wrong and completely right. This hits at the soul of what it means to be a teenage daughter.

“Each and every character is a real gem; quirky, well described and fully realised. Their own stories of past and present weave many coloured threads throughout and make the core story all the richer. Pitch perfect and with a great pace, just when you think this story can only end one way, a surprise twist brings an even more satisfying conclusion. This is a wonderful, imaginative tale that will leave you smiling. ”

(The Angelica Touch, review from the Fallen Stars blog)

So what is the book about?

Cover design by gifted Irish designer, Aoife Henkes

Angelica, 14, has reached three conclusions. Firstly, her mother Molly, who manages a rundown hotel on the wild Drisogue peninsula in Donegal, is desperately lonely. (She’s not.)

Secondly, it’s entirely her fault that Molly is still single. (It might be.)

Thirdly, since she can hardly have a boyfriend of her own if Number 2 is true, it’s up to her to find her mother a man. (It really isn’t.)

Given her dangerously impressive gift for matchmaking, Angelica’s solution is to develop a dating website for her mum. With the questions devised by Angelica and best friend, Grace, what could possibly go wrong?

Available in print and as an e-book on Amazon  here and in select bookshops around Ireland and online including my online bookshop.

29405371_10156338946386942_1550760622_oFeedback from beta readers

Off the wall and gorgeous. I love every word! – Maria MacDermottroe, actress (The Boxer etc.)

I loved it, it was warm and funny. Angelica is a lovely character. It reminded me of a cross between Moone boy and Mamma Mia.  – Caroline Farrell, Author of Lady Beth, winner of the CAP prize for fiction 2017.

Really loved it, so funny. Angelina’s voice is brilliant. – Ann Newell.

Something extra

Lisa Mandina of the Lisa Loves Literature blog did an interview with me back in December 2017 before the book came out.

Liam Boland, who did work experience with me in November, also shot this short interview with me talking about how I came to write this story. He also shot a tiny trailer to introduce you to the world of The Angelica Touch, from Angelica’s point of view.

To buy

The Angelica Touch is available online on Amazon here and direct from my online store here with PayPal. It is also available in public libraries all over Ireland and America, including Library of Congress, Harvard University, Notre Dame University, Boston College and New York Public Libraries .

The launch

The Angelica Touch was officially launched in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Galway city centre on Feb 8th, 2018 at 6.30; exactly a year after Dad’s Red Dress was launched online. There was then a Dublin launch in Javaholics cafe, Fairview in March.

The cover

… Was designed by the amazing Aoife Henkes. I could not recommend her highly enough.


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