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The Fantastic & Fabulous Worlds colouring book

67436042_2855127844557788_2678677068501221376_nIn July I published my first colouring book. Having returned to art just over two years ago, one of the styles I developed involves a page full of curious creatures, hence the title! 67099321_2432318353719594_6427233226330210304_n

There is nothing logical about them. Most have beginnings and ends but their feet might have a couple of arguing heads, their hair made up of beaks and snakes, they might have a fin for a tail or a lizard’s tail or webbed feet. Nothing is quite as it seems as you trace them through and around each others.

Some pictures have up to 50 characters.



I lose myself both in the drawing and painting of them… 67195002_369064480478382_1112914502719897600_n (2)Then some people suggested I hold off on painting them – mostly water colour – so they could have a print and do their own version.

And so I started gathering black and white drawings, with a view to doing a small colouring book. There are ten drawings in each and the book is A6 landscape so fits easily into a bag.


The Fantastic Worlds Storybook

The second book comes from the first, from pictures I had already painted. Every time I’ve had a stand or an exhibition, I get asked what they’re about. I make up stories on the spot but they change depending on mood, place, which part of the drawing the viewer finds interesting.


Here in the Fantastic Worlds storybook, I’ve printed a selection of them with small stories, but also left the story pages blank for two of them so that readers can invent their own.


Both books retail at 7 euro each, but I’m offering signed copies here at the special price of two for 12.50 euro INCLUDING postage internationally.

You could choose two colouring books – to prevent squabbles around the table, or one for a little gift – or one of each book.

Payment is by paypal to ljsedgwick66@gmail.com and they will be in the post within hours!

Email me with any queries.

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