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You can hire me to write your script, be it a short, a feature or a pilot – or you can come to me if you’re looking for a project; I have many original scripts and series ideas in my portfolio. I’ve written scripts for individual directors and producers, as well as working on my own projects, crossing genre, tone, style and media.

Companies I’ve written scripts for include Abu Media, One Productions, Causeway, A Man and Ink, Accomplice (UK), Greenlit Productions (UK), Magma and individual directors. I completed an MA in Screenwriting in Leeds in 1999 and have been a professional screenwriter since the late 90s.  To date, I’ve had eight films optioned and one made; worked as a writer on seven series that were broadcast, developed circa 12 original series, of which eight were optioned, (two of them twice), and had two series (2011, 2014) made of an animation series I created, Punky, which is available inover 100 countries. I’m currently adapting my first novel into a ten part series with Lunar Pictures, working on a cross border feature project and in negotiations on the adaptation of my second novel as a feature. 

Developing your ideas/ concept

Need a bible for your series? That’s something I love to do. I’ve developed circa 12 TV series of my own as well as series specifically for production companies, for example Deadpan Productions. The very first series bible I worked on was in the early 1990s when RTE realised Fair City’s initial bible needed to be dramatically updated after four years on air. Since then I’ve written bibles for children’s series, teen series, animation, thriller, comedy , blockbuster and action-adventure series and for games.

My bibles have been instrumental in raising development funding from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Irish Film Board (now Screen Ireland) and Media, (now Creative Europe).

PUNKY, the award-winning animation series I created went into a second series, was globally recognised as ground-breaking and  is currently available in over 100 countries, with more than five million hits on YouTube. Some of the companies I’ve written bibles for include Zulleon, Causeway, Accomplice (UK), A Man and Ink, Monster Animation, Geronimo Productions and Stormlight. I’m currently consulting on an international animation series and have been shortlisted as Head Writer for a Ukrainian-Canadian TV series.

Narrative Design

I’ve designed narrative, character and scripts for a number of role-playing games (RPG) for Caramagic, Nevermind Games, Wulfie Animation. What drew me into game narrative design was the scope for storytelling. I love developing branches and brainstorming the direction story and game can go. I’ve designed my own game including the level 1 wireframe and game mechanics and it’s something I love to do and that matches my sometimes too-vivid imagination!

Character Design

Show me a picture or talk to me about what you’re looking for and I will create a three-dimensional character capable of telling whatever aspect of your story you want her to play.

Publicity and  promotional material

I was a journalist for 13 years in Ireland and Australia, working for publications in the US, UK and Europe as well as home-grown. I also spent a lot of time writing promotional material for companies working in a range of areas. I can take your rough notes and transform them into something that will make your audience pay attention. Send me the blurbs you want to put on your new website and i can tighten them or make them buzz; whatever the tone is that you seek.

Creative Consultancy

I’m available to consult with on any aspect of a project from idea to script. After more than two decades working as a screenwriter across a range of media and in a range of styles and genres, as well as teaching and working with students at all levels up to post-graduate, I can bring my insight into the mix to ensure you have the best package going forward.

Workshops and masterclasses

Having taught screenwriting since 1996 all the way up to post-graduate level, in , colleges, universities, libraries, schools and at festivals., I can offer a workshop or masterclass to suit the audience or theme of your event. From creating character to developing a TV series, from writing the individual scene to an overview of the screenwriting process, from creative writing – I write for film, TV, games, prose (fiction and non-) and for the stage – to visual storytelling where I can bring the best of screenwriting techniques and tips to other forms of storytelling. I can read from my books and talk about the writing process or do a hands-on, writing based workshop. It depends on what you want and whether you want me to do two hours, a weekend workshop or a course spread over a number of weeks.


Email me at I have hourly rates but am also open to negotiating rates for particular projects overall or to be on hand for a certain number of hours per month as needed.



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