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I was hoping to be able to offer to post my colouring books out, but I’m in self-isolation away from my stash. So, in case you might like to colour in something a little odd or fantastical, the colouring books are online.

US:                         amzn.to/Fantastic_FabulousColouringBook

UK:                         amzn.to/Fantastic_FabulousColouringBook_LJS

There are ten drawings in the book, which is A6-sized and they each take up to 30 mins to do. Some of them have up to 50 characters, all waiting to be brought to life in full colour. Creatures with multiple heads and faces in their feet, fingers and trees with teeth and snakes for tongues, angelic forms with…

You can use any medium, and when you’re done, children you can ask adults to make up a story to fit the image or vice versa. Then you have something unique… Or, if you want to post your coloured images up here, I’ll write something inspired by them!

There is also a storybook, the Fantastic Worlds Storybook (info below).  Fantastic & Fabulous Dublin, a colouring book featuring Dublin hallmarks surrounded by my strange creatures, is coming soon.


The Fantastic & Fabulous colouring book came out last summer. I’m on the third short print run now and so far the books have gone as far as Australia, but also to France, Scotland, all over Ireland and to London. They appeal to all ages, from about five years old to seventy.

The ‘fantastic and fabulous’ part refers to the creatures in the drawings, which generally come from a doodle that then gets filtered and honed and built up into a picture that can be coloured in.

There can be up to 50 creatures on any one page; they might have three legs or fish tails or hair that’s made up of bird beaks and snakes.

I started thinking about doing a colouring book when other artists I know were asking for copies of my doodles to do just that! But the discipline for me was not to colour them in until I had enough for a book.

There are ten pictures in total, all A6 in size, so the book slips into a bag easily.

So far, they have been coloured in with water colours and acrylics, pencils and gel pens and markers and no two renditions are the same as you can see:


If you’d like a copy, let me know by email at books@lindsayjsedgwick.com or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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The originals: 

Now that I’m ‘allowed’ to colour them in myself, these are also available for sale.

And if you’d like to commission a special doodle – as a gift to colour in or hand-painted – with something that resonates to you at the centre of a mythical myriad of creatures, let me know.


After the colouring book, because I had lots of pictures I’d already painted, and everyone was always asking what they were about, I made up a storybook – the Fabulous Worlds storybook – and told some of their off-the-wall tales – purple birds appearing in the sky, what happens when snails get indigestion etc.

But I also left two stories to be written opposite the last two pictures… The trick is to find a character on the page and figure out what they might be doing there or thinking about or seeing… These are 6 euro plus P&P.

And COMING NEXT… The Fantastic & Fabulous Dublin colouring book:

I’m working on images for a colouring book that will feature iconic images of Dublin… starting with that Dublin  landmark, the Pigeon House at Poolbeg.

Here’s a sneak preview:

If you’d like a copy of any of my books, or a special offer set of novels and colouring books, or to commission a drawing with your own favourite icon/ image at the centre of a melee of strange creatures – ie get those Christmas presents bought early! – let me know by email at books@lindsayjsedgwick.com or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Thanks, Lindsay





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