Dad’s Red Dress

Published in 2017 by Janey Mac Books

Optioned by Lunar Pictures as a 10 part tv series. Received Creative Europe and WrapFund development finance. Pitching for co-producers, broadcasters, funders to come on board at Kid’s Kino Sept 27-30th, 2021.


A beautiful story excellently told…one of the best novels I’ve read in bloody ages. – Patrick Chapman, author of Slow Clocks of Decay

Filled with vivid, genuine characters and complex, conflicting family drama, it is joyous, loving and truly unique among the vast canon of coming-of-age stories” – Children’s Books Ireland.

“Very funny and real young-teen novel about a very not-‘normal’ family” – Claire Hennessey.

DRD in Croatia

What it’s about:

Jessie wants life to be normal. Boringly normal. Moving to Dublin from L.A. is the last thing Jessie wants to do but at least, this time, she’s determined to stop her life imploding. It’s bad enough that her kid sister thinks she has been abducted by the Virgin Mary – twice; once on a motorbike – and that her step-Mum makes nude, feminist sculptures; this time, Jessie will stop people finding out her dad cross-dresses. She’s fine with it, but she’s tired of the the inevitable teasing and bullying that follows when someone finds out. It made life hell in L.A.

Trouble is, she’s really not in control of what’s going to happen next. And life has a habit of surprising us in unexpected ways.

Published in early 2017, “Dad’s Red Dress” is Lindsay’s first novel. Enjoyed by readers from ten years-old into their 70s, it has been a critical success with critics and readers ever since.

Everyone relates to a different character, which is illuminating!

Sample reviews

“What a great story, filled with complexity – original and believable, every character so well developed…Jessie is just a delight, I was with her all the way! A beautiful relationship with her Dad, and her little sister! It’s wonderful, just wonderful!!  – Caroline Farrell, author of Arkyne and Lady Beth.   

As well as a bundle of five star reviews on Amazon, here’s a lovely review here on the The Bookstop blog in the US. Here’s a snippet:

I loved this book… I loved Sedgwick’s distinctive voice and her ability to blend humor with deeply serious issues.  I loved the way Jessie looks for images in clouds when she gets stressed out, and how she always keeps an eye out for her little sister… This is a difficult book to adequately describe, but I highly recommend it.  The issues are powerful and definitely relevant (while I was reading this, Virginia elected its first transgender state legislator), and Jessie and her dad are characters you won’t soon forget.

To buy:

Dad’s Red Dress is available via Amazon here. It is also in public libraries throughout Ireland and in the US, most notably Notre Dame Uni, the Library of Congress, Harvard University, Boston College and New York Public Libraries.

It is also in select bookshops nationwide including Books Upstairs, Dublin, Maynooth Bookshop, Co. Kildare, Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Galway and in Javaholic’s Cafe, Fairview. You can also purchase signed copies directly via her online store

Cover design is by the very talented Irish designer, Aoife Henkes, pictured here at our launch

Launch 12th April

Something extra:

A taste of the book by way of a tiny trailer.

An interview with Lindsay on the writing of the book.


An International Globetrotter…

Dad’s Red Dress has travelled the world: here it is: in Croatia, Hungary, Australia, Crete, Scotland, the UK,

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