On Being Typecast…

As a writer, I’ve always resisted being pigeonholed. Writing is writing, stories demand to be told in the medium that suits them and not always the one you thought they would fit into. My blog began as me and a snail (called Percival, adopted from my daughter Libby) in my shed out back. I was working solely as a screenwriter, but the books were simmering away in the background.

Drafts of books began to fill the middle shelves, not to mention novels I’d written before and always wanted to return to were beginning to nudge me in the ribs from time to time. As an experiment, I started turning my family films into novels because I missed the characters and wanted other people to meet them. ‘Jessie Jones is Nearly Ten’ was a screenplay that was on the verge of production in 2004/5; 12 years later, it’s Dad’s Red Dress.

But my blog got busier. New pages popped up to handle new TV and film productions, nearly- and wannabe-productions, stage productions, the games I was working on, teaching gigs and more. Right now, I want to get back to writing about writing more, dealing with issues we all face and the fun – and chaos of being a writer. I mean, to make a living creating worlds and characters out of the madness in your head and heart, (okay, with a lot of teaching, consulting and tutoring on the side to make ends meet!) what could be better?

So this is my blog:

There are pages of tips from some of the greats, like David Mamet and Gill Dennis. There are links to trailers and one of my short films, Barzakh. And if there is anything you’d like me to write about, I’m all ears. (You can email me at at any time.)

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