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My Chakra Trees…66751481_924142991262213_7889327333264326656_n (1)

I started painting trees earlier this year (water colour and ink). There was something about the colours and how each of them made me feel as I created them, how different they all were. So I tried to complete a set based on the seven power centres or chakras.

head chakra tree.jpgMany years ago, I learnt about these from a wonderful counsellor and the visualisations and the wisdom I gained from using them did help me change my life. That sounds melodramatic, but that was the time when I decided to move on from being a journalist – right at the point when I was finally making a good living! Oh the irony! – and become a writer full-time.

I saved for a year and a half so I could survive with odd jobs for a year and a half and I’ve never looked back.

The originals, as well as prints, can be purchased individually or in sets, but I can also do original trees specifically for you based on whatever colours you would like. I’ll have them up on my on-line shop shortly but otherwise, contact me at and let’s talk! 

Green tree  blue n purple tree  purple treeorange tree chakra.pngRed tree chakra




(Posted July 10, 2019)


Dublin Comic Arts Fair is coming up on July 6th and for the first time, I’m taking a stand with my art and my books. I’ve been to it a handful of times now and every single time I think I’ll just drop in and say hello to a friend who was exhibiting but then two hours pass and I haven’t even made it round the room.

There’s always a great energy and a huge range of creative offerings – from comic books to illustrated t-shirts, from badges and brooches to postcards and prints, from book to illustrated brochures and fan art.

It’s on in the Chocolate Factory  at 26 King’s Inns Street, Dublin 1, Dublin, (D01 P2W7). It’s right behind Cineworld (Parnell St) if you know Dublin.


I’ve been working on a colouring book for a few months now – the difficulty being for me NOT to colour in my own pictures until I’d had a chance to scan them in first!

CBook fish

Friday Night… So here’s a sneak preview…

I’ll have some samples at the CelticCon event in Newbridge, Co. Kildare this Monday, June 3rd as part of JuneFest 2019 if you fancy trying your hand!

I’ll be at Stand 4 and also speaking on a panel at 1pm about animation, writing games, books etc… and the event is free…



56976913_2250784765170645_8022547185742643200_nDrawing and painting has to be the most magical way to step back out of your head after hours of editing – or trying to edit, or avoiding editing that book or script that you have to finish soon!


Almost as good as deadlines!

I’m currently working on a colouring book and two short books with other illustrators, both with a very different style to mine (more news soon, I hope!) but you can see some of my work here on Instagram at @LJSedgwick





MY FAVOURITE THINGS‘ exhibition. This was something different and exciting to be part of!  Together with 23 other artists and illustrators of the DrawinTogether collective, I exhibited on Dec 1st and 2nd in the Studio 10 gallery in Dublin’s city centre.

Visual for paper Drawin Together 2.jpg

This is a fairly new activity for me but one I am absolutely loving. I wanted to get back into art as a way of getting out of my head from time to time and forcing myself to create without using words!L 5 copy

(You can find some of our work on Instagram under #drawintogether.)

The collective is a fantastically talented group of illustrators and artists from all over Ireland, but also Slovenia, Spain, Chile and the Ukraine! We produced a calendar featuring 24 pictures, one from each of us and all proceeds (10 euro each) will go to the homeless charity, Simon.

L 6 copy
Carnivale/ Chaos
L 2 copy
First and foremost, know your demons…

Sitting here with my dog under my chair so she can point her snout almost into the little heater, wondering if I’ll ever be able to do a decent picture of her but meanwhile, here are some of my recent pictures:

L 3 copy
And then the sun came out…
L 1 bit cropped
What birds dream of…

If you need an original drawing for that special party or occasion, I can combine words with intermingling images but I’ll also be selling prints shortly.


You can find more of my work on instagram at Lindsayjsedgwick





head chakra tree.jpg.jpg

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