Welcome to my new website. Really chuffed to be here with you!

I am the happy author of many books, three of which are now published. Dad’s Red Dress came out in March 2017 and The Angelica Touch was officially launched in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in February this year and less officially (with lots of dancing) in my favourite cafe, Javaholics, Fairview in March. There’s a review here if you want to see what it’s all about.Book_1




My third book Write That Script will bring you into the world of screenwriting, from assessing your idea all the way through to finishing and rewriting your first draft. As an award-winning screenwriter, I have over eight hours of TV and film credits, including a feature and the series I created, PUNKY but I  have also taught screenwriting across the country up to postgraduate level for more than 21 years. It felt time to put the core material into writing in an accessible form, with lots of writing exercises (tried and tested on students) and examples to illustrate the theory that would show the scope that is available to the creative and imaginative screenwriter.

all three books

Right now, I’m teaching in the Irish Writer’s Centre, negotiating a two-book deal for my new kid’s series, Wulfie – more soon, hopefully! I created Wulfie for my daughter many years ago when she was desperate for a best friend and also suffering some bullying. It’s great fun and the feedback from my beta readers has made my heart soar, do a few triple somersaults and land back softly with a gently hum.

I’m also working on the sequel to Dad’s Red Dress which is currently sans title – nothing seems to fit but I’m hoping inspiration will strike during the current edit!

I also have a ‘remembering’ novel underway – part memoir, part stories, part fiction. If a story is good, is it better than the truth? And then there’s a fantasy novel that’s on hold but nibbling my ankles from time to time. Some day.

Thing is, I love creating characters and worlds in every form and genre – from scripts (TV, film, stage and radio; animation, games and live action) to prose. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Every format has a different buzz to it.

I would truly love to invite you into some of those worlds with me or into your own world through my screenwriting  book.

And, when you’ve been there, do come back and tell me what you thought! I’m also available as a script and creative consultant and as a writer for hire, when time allows! You can reach me at ljsedgwick@lindsayjsedgwick.com. (I know. It’s a mouthful. Apologies. I was born with a long name!)

Roxy reading book 1
My constant muse!
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