Welcome to my world… of books and scripts and lots more.

Currently working on the fourth book of my new Wulfie series for Little Island Books; the first book came out in September and the next comes out in Spring. W1 front coverBoth have been bought by a Swedish publisher, the first comingout there in March. How cool is that! For an idea that began as bed time stories for my daughter back in 2003/4!

And yes, it is truly magical to be able to develop the characters and the world in each book – and to get the sort of feedback from readers and reviewers has been heartwarming. (All the info and reviews are on a page here.)

And today I’ve just seen the trailer for a brand new pre-school animation series for which I wrote the pilot script and helped develop the concept during the first lockdown – and it features the first lyrics I have ever written!

Can’t reveal more but I’m a little bit chuffed – I said at the start of 2020 that one thing I hadn’t written and always wanted to try, was to write lyrics. I then wrote lyrics for a song about Granuaille, so they’re available if anyone’s interested. And my eldest brother has threated to write a musical or symphony for decades so I’ve put my name in the bag for that too!

Highs and lows, it’s been an oddly altered year. I hope you all keep safe and well until Covid 19 is finally conquered.

As a writer, I work across genre and medium, telling stories in the medium that is best for them. This may be why my website looks busy – but the truth is, I work best when juggling different projects, although for each there comes a time when everything else gets put aside and all your focus goes on finishing a first draft or polishing or editing or marketing.

The first half of the year was all writing. I developed a TV adaptation of my first novel (Dad’s Red Dress), finished the sequel (Dad’s Wedding Dress) which is now with my new and wonderful agent Aoife Lennon. (aoife@torchwoodlit.com), wrote the animation pilot, an ad for sportswear and edited the various drafts of the first two Wulfie books. In the second half, I wrote the third Wulfie¬† book, then had a knee op, followed by a major ankle fusion operation, which meant I was (and currently still am) effectively one-legged for the last three months (and will be be for most of the first three of 2021). But, thanks to the restrictions of the lockdown, I delivered my first classroom (and first zoom) workshop for Wulfie with Dublin Book Fair and my first panel with Wonderfest. I even did my first day guest hosting the Wonderfest social media.

But I’m very glad to see 2021 coming along. And the vaccine. I’m weary of this altered world and missing hugs!

Other books I have also written include The Angelica Touch (March 2018) and Write That Script (May 2018). I’ve been a screenwriter for more than 20 years, working across TV, film, in animation and live action, on my own work and as a writer for hire. I also work as a writer/ creative consultant on series, features. games and as a playwright. As for lyrics…. yes please!

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