On September 5th, the first of my new series of WULFIE books will be on the shelf, thanks to the award-winning publishers, Little Island. It’s called Wulfie: Stage Fright! and will be followed next spring by Wulfie: The Great Escape. W1 front cover

Really excited about this!

A sweet and funny series about a little girl and her wolfish best friend, I created Wulfie as bedtime stories for my daughter so to see it finally in print is amazing.

Wulfie is a wulfen who tumbles through a portal into Libby’s bedroom at a time when Libby, 10, really needs a best friend.  He can grow as big as a house or small as a mouse. He also talks and since he’s mischievous and insatiably curious, Libby is soon tumbling into and through all sorts of unexcpected adventures. I have written for children in many forms but these are my first books for the 6-9 age group and they are magnificently illustrated by Josephine Wolff.

It as been a great experience working with everyone in Little island – including the illustrator Josephine Wolff.  I’ll put up a new page all about the book shortly but you can also find info on Wulfie’s facebook page.

As a writer, I work across genre and medium, telling stories in the medium that is best for them. This may be why my website looks busy – but the truth is, I work best when juggling different projects, although for each there comes a time when everything else gets put aside and all your focus goes on finishing a first draft or polishing or editing or marketing.

At present, I am working on the third book of the Wulfie series and a TV adaptation of my first novel (Dad’s Red Dress) for Lunar Pictures as well as finalising the sequel (Dad’s Wedding Dress).

I have also written The Angelica Touch (March 2018) and Write That Script(May 2018). I’m also a screenwriter for more than 20 years, working across TV, film, in animation and live action, on my own work and as a writer for hire. I also work as a writer/ creative consultant on games and as a playwright.

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