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20211005_205623Delighted to say the third of my Wulfie series, Wulfie Saves The Planet came out in October, with Little Island Books.  The wonderful and magical thing about writing a series of books is that you can let your characters grow and develop, alongside the readers. So, even though each book can be read as a standalone novel, reading the series will reward readers with that little be more! The fourth is in its final stages – ilustrations being finished by the wonderful Rosa Devine – and will be out next Spring.


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Wulfie: Beast in Show, the second book in the Wulfie series was out on March 4th and the first, Wulfie: Stage Fright came out in Sept 2020. W1 front cover

The first two books were also bought and published by Swedish publisher Wahlströms Bokförlag. HFor an idea that began as bed time stories for my daughter back in 2004… (Never give up, writers!)

Each book in the series is a very different and distinct adventure, but returning to the world of Libby and Wulfie over the course of the series has been so much fun – and feedback from readers and reviewers has bmade my heart sing! As a reader of everything I can lay my hands on from a very early age, i love the idea of bringing the joy of reading to other kids. But I also remember the fun of reading stories to my daughter – when not inventing Wulfie ones – and make sure to read all my books aloud before they go to the pubol9sher. They have to be a pleasure to read – and while the age range is 6-9+, my four year-old granddaughter is loving them as my step-daughter reads them to her.


As a writer, I work across genre and medium, telling stories in the medium that is best for them and doodling in between. I know my website looks busy; the truth is I work best when juggling different projects –although for each there comes a time when everything else gets put aside and all your focus goes on one. But I’ve always said to students that it helps to have more than one idea or form of writing you like – when you get a bit stuck on one, you move to another and it frees your mind. Best way I know out of writer’s block!

Last year was all walking and writing for Lockdown one, hobbling and writing for the next section, and from September 2020, it was writing while keeping one leg elevated after a serious ankle op.Not being able to go outside or out of my room or – for eight weeks, barely out of my bed – meant the writing got a bit fragmented. I found I brainstormed well but couldn’t decide on anything so stories expanded like quantum feasts. Then there was learning how to deliver workshops and be part of panels online with various festivals – until finally, in mid November 2021, I got to do my first junior school Wulfie workshops in person down at the Claddagh Children’s Book Festival.

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